There are a lot of different raw materials that can be used to make body jewellery. They come in a wide variety of substances such as metals, glass, plastics and organics. Some materials are more conducive to healing a new piercing, while others are only recommended for well healed piercings or short-term wear. The safety or allergen risk of metal jewellery is largely determined by the amount of nickel it contains. Nickel is a metallic element that is not bio-compatible and causes a lot of healing difficulty and hyper-sensitivity issues when it is used in piercing jewellery metals. Bottom line when it comes to body jewellery – the lower the metal quality, the higher risk of difficulties.

Here at be pierced we pride ourselves on only selling high quality jewellery so our pieces can be worn by anybody, all the time.

We only stock titanium or 316L surgical steel


Surgical steel is probably the most common and most widely used metal for body piercings because it is hypoallergenic. It should be noted, however, that even SS contains enough nickel to cause problems for someone very sensitive to it, which is why we don’t use it to pierce with. Many European countries have banned the use of SS for new piercings because of the high rate of allergic reactions. If you’re wearing SS jewellery and are having problems with irritation or a new piercing that just won’t heal, it is possible that you have a very low tolerance of nickel and need titanium instead.


Titanium is the hardest and highest grade of metal with virtually no presence of nickel (less than .05 percent). The strength of the metal makes it practically impervious to scratches and imperfections. Titanium is also the most expensive metal used for body jewellery but is certainly worth the price for someone who is hyper-sensitive to nickel-containing metals and can’t wear anything else. Titanium can also be anodized and comes in a wide variety of colours.


Please beware of novelty shops and accessories shops selling so-called “body jewellery”. Even if they have the best intentions, these store owners are not body piercing experts and many times purchase low-grade jewellery because they are popular and a quick-sell. Some of them might even claim to be 316L steel, but these items are often mass-produced by machines, not inspected for imperfections and potentially harmful. There is a reason these jewellery items are so inexpensive. High-quality body jewellery costs more because better materials and quality workmanship are used to produce them. Don’t be fooled by imitators or lower prices. It’s just not worth it to end up with an infected piercing because of it.

It is also worth noting that Gold and Silver are not anti-allergy, they are expensive because they are precious metals, not because they are good quality.

All the jewellery we sell is made only from genuine high quality surgical steel or titanium, this can be traced right back to our suppliers, we do not stock costume jewellery.