students opinion on body piercings in the classroom

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why is my piercing sore blog post picture

Why is my piercing sore??

That’s a question I get asked all the time, or in another roundabout way I get told ‘my piercing is (or was) infected’ when it wouldn’t have been at all – if you took out jewellery and the ‘infection’ went away it wasn’t infected at all. So basically, I will outline here some of the…

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girl laughing with nose stud piercing

Nose Piercing

Every year or so its easy to spot trends in piercings, though tongue piercings are always a fan favourite this years most performed piercing is definitely nose piercings so I said id write up a post about them. Most people coming to me for nose re-piercings had initially been pierced with the gun, so I…

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Piercing Guns

Pretty much every professional piercer in the world will tell you that any piercing using the piercing gun is a bad idea, now id say we’ve probably all been pierced using the gun at some point in our lives that is down to lack of knowledge of the risks on ours and probably our parents…

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