triple lobe and daith piercing with black ring with jewel




Piercing For Migraine Relief

Recently there’s been a massive surge of people getting Daith Piercings for migraine therapy and we are hearing questions about them all the time so I said I’d throw together a few words about it here.

All I really know about the science behind it (for lack of a better description) is that the area the Daith Piercing is pierced is meant to be some kind of acupuncture pressure point. Once pierced it somehow acts to suppress the migraine through that pressure point. Now I genuinely have no clue about how, why or what is going on there. I’m not even sure if anyone does, which can also be said for migraines I suppose, but the results have been really interesting to say the least.

It’s a piercing we do about 10 times a week on average, sometimes it could be double that. Most people are getting it for migraines, others just because it looks really nice.

This wasn’t really a thing until a TV talk show in America had a lady on who suffered terrible migraines up until she got a piercing that she really liked. She only realised a few weeks later that she hadn’t had a migraine since. She mentioned this to friends who also suffered migraines and they all had the same relief after getting the piercing. That story went viral and has now changed the lives of a lot of people.

Now look we aren’t playing god here, the results cannot be guaranteed, due to the fact that nobody seems to have any documentable facts about it. Nobody can understand how or why it works, but it has worked for so many people. I’ve had customers in that were sent by specialists in hospitals after  they seen it work for patients that before had no let up at all from migraines. If you look through the comments and reviews section on our Facebook page you’ll see some examples of the results from some of our customers. One lady by the name of Jane I’ll never forget, she’s explained to me that she was formerly hospitalised on a near monthly basis with her migraines. She used to get so much pressure in her head that she used to bang it off walls to try release the pressure. She was on medication full time and from the day she got the piercing she’s had a few light headaches and nothing else.

Another lady brought her daughter in for it because the daughter was starting to get migraines. She was fearful because a few years ago the mother herself got such a bad migraine she had a stroke and is now on a walking aid. Her daughter never got another one so she came in a few weeks later and got the piercing and got none since either.

Two examples very close to me would be my friends mother who used to get vertigo and a metallic taste in her mouth when she got the migraines (who now only ever gets the metallic taste in her mouth when she would usually get migraines in times of stress, tiredness or rapid weather changes) and my oldest brother who for the story’s sake has absolutely zero interest in piercings at all, but heard about the theory behind all this and said he’d try it. My whole life I’ve seen Eamonn deal with ongoing headaches. It’s been a shadow constantly following him, he has things he can’t do, foods he can’t eat etc etc and he hasn’t had anything like that since he got his Daith Piercing.

Now I am in no way saying it’s definitely going to work, but the feedback being so positive I can certainly see why so many people are going for it. Some of the worst feedback I’ve been getting is that it’s turned debilitating migraines into manageable headaches.

I get it, a lot of people reading this are like my brother and have absolutely no interest in piercings. Some of you are probably dead against them, but this is a piercing that when done and done right it’s very easily hidden. Only you and anybody looking directly into your ear will know you have it (so very few people id assume), and for some people a generation before my own that were forced against piercings by their peers, it’s not like that anymore. Piercings are fun and fashionable these days. For the rest of us that like our piercings on show it’s annoying that it can’t really be seen until it’s healed and changed to something bigger, but the options available for healed Daith Piercings are really nice. There’s two examples in the pictures below and I’ve got about 30 other different options in store and some on our website as well if you follow this link http://bepierced.ie/store/