Ear stretching (separating myths from facts)

Ear stretching

Because of all the misconceptions of ear stretching it would be very silly of me not to include it in my blog so I am going to go deep into the info of it while also giving you samples of questions or phrases we hear a lot 🙂

1st question/phrase: (doesn’t usually get formatted as a question) they won’t ever go back down to normal…

This is biggest myth we hear ALL the time. I can happily say this is not true at all. My ears are currently 16mm (which is considered quite big) and I had mine out for 4 hours before and they went down 3 sizes in that time. I wear silicone tunnels in my ears and they have often fallen out in my sleep and id have to stretch them back up again to get my tunnels back in. We have hundreds of customers stretch their ears and go back down to a normal earring, some have even stretched back up again.

Another common inaccuracy is the size limit of reversing the stretch. Yes once you go above a certain size you are threading a fine line on them going back, but I can honestly say very few people do go above that. Basically stretching goes differently for everybody, some can stretch really fast as their skin is really flexible so the lobe will go back down again a lot faster than say a person that has skin that isn’t as stretchy. The point where they might not ever go back down is not a size most people want to attain anyway, what I’m talking about here is big enough to fit a fist through. But of course if that’s the size you want then go for it. You do what you want to do for you.

2nd question/phrase: why did you do that to your ears – The answer to that is also a question, why do you dye your hair, why do you wear fake nails, why do you buy those runners and not a different brand? Because you wanted to, that’s the exact same as why I have my nose pierced, my ears pierced, my lobes stretched, I wanted to, I like it, I got it, simples. 🙂

Like a lot of piercings the ear stretching process is very drawn out. For example, what annoys people about nose piercings is having to wait to put a ring in, now some places do pierce with a ring but we recommend the bar first and change it to the ring once it’s healed which can take over 6 weeks. This is the same for ear stretching, we have a desired size in mind (which often changes) but the trick to stretching is to start really small and work your way up through the sizes. Generally a size per week is what we recommend, unless your ear is being really stubborn. If you are one of those people that want to rush it and jump a few sizes at a time………………. DON’T! Don’t be one of those people. Blow outs aren’t nice, nor are they easy to fix.

Stretching is incredibly easy, if you have your ear pierced all you need is a taper slightly bigger than your earring, and a lubricant. Products such as sudocrem, vaseline, coconut oil, I’ve also heard ky jelly mentioned. I’m not here to judge but it is kinda funny 🙂 and a saline solution. Get the lubricant, smother it all over the first half of the stretcher, put some on the hole in your lobe and then insert the taper. Once in, wipe away any excess lubricant and then clean it 3 times daily with the saline solution. In a week or two repeat with a bigger stretcher. The sensation is quite like the after effects of a piercing, your ear will heat up for the first day or so and can be itchy. All normal 🙂

3rd question/phrase: that’s disgusting!!: So is your personality, the major difference is I can reverse my stretched ears. My universal opinion on that is you do not have the right to judge anybody, open your mind and accept other people’s differences and your world will become a lot brighter. Also I must say if you are a parent and you use those phrases or techniques (for lack of a better word) to try get your kids to remove their stretchers (or piercings or anything in general) then you need to brush up on your parenting technique’s. Honestly, how can you expect your child to respect you if you talk to them like that.

Some employers and schools do not care about piercings including stretched lobes, but unfortunately others do not allow it, especially here in Wexford, but there are so many options of jewellery to put into it these days that’s not an issue at all. We sell hundreds of different types of plugs that completely block up the hole, my girlfriend has jewelled plugs in hers that just look like big diamond earrings (which is allowed by most).

We also stock skin coloured plugs that hide the hole altogether for the more demanding employer or if you are going for an interview and don’t know that company’s policy 🙂

For those people that did stretch really big and can’t get them down, the reason for this is the bigger you stretch the hole the smaller the ear gets around it. Once that gets really small it restricts the blood flow to that part of the ear, for anybody going really big we do recommend massaging the lobe twice daily to keep the blood flowing to the area which can help. Also we’ve had people that their ear is stubborn and stopped shrinking, this is very easy to fix. Get a stretcher the next size up and put it in for a day or two just to get that stretch on, then take it out and the hole should shrink up again 🙂

For concerned parents: Thank you for reading, it’s good that you are concerned, you are a parent it’s your job. As a parent I also want to take interest in what my child does and if I don’t understand something I too will try educate myself on it. So yes this is something probably very different from what you did as a child but it is the exact same in the sense that what you did was more than likely not what your parents did, you were individual, had different tastes in clothing, music, etc etc… This is the very same. I am glad to inform you that it is not harmful, is reversible, and it is very very popular these days so your child will not be treated like a freak or bullied for having it. It won’t please everybody nor will anything they do but it’s good to be different and show individuality. This stuff isn’t always a phase, for some people it is their actual personality so recognizing that is a first step towards this child finding themselves as a person. As I said a lot of people let them go back down and a lot of people only stay really small anyway but the important part is it is not harmful, no matter what myths you hear 🙂

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