girl laughing with nose stud piercing




Nose Piercing

Every year or so its easy to spot trends in piercings, though tongue piercings are always a fan favourite this years most performed piercing is definitely nose piercings so I said id write up a post about them.

Most people coming to me for nose re-piercings had initially been pierced with the gun, so I think it is important for people to know not to let anybody pierce them with the gun, I have addressed why in an earlier post (I suggest reading it)

The other question I get asked a lot is do you pierce the nose with a ring or with a bar, if you get pierced with a ring chances are it will not last long, most rings do not allow for the natural swelling that comes with any piercing, any ring large enough for this would be too big to worn in the nose, but the biggest problem is the nose will swell out and because the ring is bent the swelling wouldn’t really be able to follow the curve of the ring, so in most cases as the piercing is swelling the ring will start splitting the nose leading to a number of problems.
So make sure your piercer is using a straight bar and when its healed you can put anything in it, preferably a ring, its my favorite piercing 😀

As with all piercings location is key with nose piercings, some like it bang in the center, some like it more forward some like it further back near the cheek but for the people wanting to put a ring in it when healed or even people unsure if they want a ring in it I

suggest getting it low enough down the nostril that you can fit a decent sized ring in it, iv’e had people say yes i want a small tight ring in my nose when its healed and then say can you pierce it up fairly high for me please, that is not going to work out really when you think about it, So remember the crease in your nostril is not always the perfect place for a nose piercing, the higher up you put your piercing, The bigger the ring will need to be.

The last thing to consider is being a facial piercing its one of the top 3 most noticeable piercing to wear, if your in school or employed by a company that does not allow visible piercings you need to consider if its for you as piercings have to be fully healed before you can remove them, even if your wanting to put in a transparent bar it still needs to be fully healed. if your a student this is a piercing you definitely want to get at the start of your holidays.

Nose piercings are also very common for keloids and easy to knock out so its vital you are prepared to keep on top of the cleaning, they can require a lot of attention